“Top Of the Goths” All that is Divine festival Special.

Playlist of the bands that will be playing the Flag Promotions “All that is Divine” festival at Kolis London on Saturday 25 September 2021.

This old school Goff “all-dayer” denominated after the Faces of Sarah classic from their debut 2000 album “24” evinces like it should be a gig to remember. The Faces of Sarah who are marking a whopping 21 years since the release of 24 will be joined by the mystical and majectic legends of Pagan Goth that are Inkubus Sukkubus as well as the thundering bass train of The Glasshouse Museum. The mighty Kaiju that is Gothzilla . Prog Goth Rockers, The Ghost of Lemora and the siren songstress of the macabre that is Stella Wembley.

Black Velvet Audio will be attending the event in September and we’ll have a full review and feature on the page, once we’ve recovered from day drinking snakebite n black that is. You can get tickets here: https://www.ticketweb.uk/event/all-that-is-divine-festival-kolis-the-lounge-tickets/11210345

I do not own any of the music or visual content in the following promos. All rights are reserved by parties concerned. This playlist is solely to promote the artists, the music and spread the word of Goth. With that in mind please do enjoy the playlist and dont forget to follow the appropriate links below and support the artists you love by buying the stuff from the links provided below and make sure you give the YouTube channels of the bands you love a quick subscribe too as well as this one.

Track Listing:

“All That is Divine”. The Faces of Sarah

“The Way of the Witch”. Inkubus Sukkubus

“Voyeur” The Glasshouse Museum

“One of Us”. Gothzilla

“Images of Death”. Stella Wembley

“The Beginning of the End of the Western Dream”. The Ghost of Lemora

“Turn Away”. The Faces of Sarah

Inkubus Sukkubus. “Vampire Queen”

“Ilaria”. Gothzilla

“Glory Hunters” The Glasshouse Museum

“Divided Night”. The Faces of Sarah

“I’ll Meet You Sometime”. Stella Wembley

“What Fools these Mortals Be”. The Ghost of Lemora

“Belladonna & Aconite”. Inkubus Sukkubus

“Falling”. The Faces of Sarah

“Watertight” The Glasshouse Museum

“The Unknown” Gothzilla “All That I Need”. Stella Wembley

“All That Is Divine”. (Accoustic) The Faces Of Sarah

Bandcamp/Website Links for music n merch:

The Faces Of Sarah: https://facesofsarahband.bandcamp.com

Inkubus Sukkubus: http://www.inkubussukkubus.com/shop.htm

The Glasshouse Museum: https://the-glass-house-museum.bandcamp.com

Gothzilla: https://gothzilla.bandcamp.com

Stella Wembley: https://stellawembley.com

The Ghost Of Lemora: https://theghostoflemora.com

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