“Top Of The Goths 2” June/July 2021.

Another “Top of the Goffs” Playlist of some of some of our favourite new releases most of which are from June/July 2021. The rest of the world might be shite just now but at least we’ve got a great soundtrack.

I do not own any of the music or visual content in the following promos.

All rights are reserved by parties concerned.

This playlist is solely to promote the artists, the music and spread the word of Goth. With that in mind please do enjoy the playlist and dont forget to follow the appropriate links below and support the artists you love by buying the stuff from the links provided and make sure you give the YouTube channels of the bands you love a quick subscribe too. An dont forget to do the same as well for BlackVelvetAudio

Playlist is in no particular order apart from the first one. Yes It’s Pure angry Punk Rock and not Goth and no, I don’t fucking care! PLAY LOUD!

1. The Joy Thieves: “American Parasite”. https://thejoythieves.bandcamp.com

2. 1919: “Singing to the Universe”. https://1919official.bandcamp.com/album/citizens-of-nowhere

3. Death Party Uk: “Graveyard Rock” https://deathpartyuk.bandcamp.com

4. Topographies: “Mirror”. https://topographies.bandcamp.com/album/ideal-form

5. Jason Priest: “White Anglo-Saxon Protestants”. https://midnightmannequin.bandcamp.com/album/jason-priest-is-missing

6. Giant Waves ft Little Nemo: “Love is a Lie”. https://giantwaves1.bandcamp.com

7. Strange Boutique: “Jet Stream”. https://strangeboutique.bandcamp.com

8. Neilla Invo: “Larvae”. https://neilainvo.bandcamp.com

9. VAZUM: “Loved 2 Death”. https://vazum.bandcamp.com

10. Raven Said: “Shadows on the Ceiling”. https://ravensaid.bandcamp.com

11. ATTRITION: “The Alibi” https://attritionuk.bandcamp.com

12. Age O.P.F: “Annabelle La Noir”. https://ageopf.bandcamp.com

13. Bloody/Bath: “Unholy Cross” https://bloodybath.bandcamp.com

14. Calling All Astronauts: “New World Disorder”. https://callingallastronauts1.bandcamp.com

15. Dead Cool: “Rotten Mind”. https://deadcool.bandcamp.com

16. Dead Sepent ft Binzatina: “Destruction”. https://deadserpent.bandcamp.com

17. Clan Of Xymox: “The Great Reset” https://clanofxymox.bandcamp.com

18. Pink Turns Blue: “So Why Not Save The World”. https://pinkturnsblue.com

19. Graysons: “Through the Ether”: https://graysonsmusic.bandcamp.com

20: Les Longs Adieux: “Se Telefonando”. https://leslongsadieux.bandcamp.com

21. Ghost Dance Teaser Trailer for “Falling Down” coming in August!

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