‘Top Of The Goths’: August 2021

Another “Top of the Goffs” Playlist of some of some of our favourite releases over the last wee while.

As you can see we’ve got a new logo too (Just in case ‘Aunty’ Beeb objected to us using hers) courtesy of my good buddy and BVA tech maestro and founder of the ‘Everything Goth’ FB page Andrew Doughty.

We do not own any of the music or visual content in the following promos.

All rights are reserved by parties concerned. This playlist is solely to promote the artists, the music and spread the word of Goth.

With that in mind please enjoy the playlist and don’t forget to follow the appropriate links below and support the artists you love by buying the stuff. Make sure you give the YouTube channels of the bands you love a quick subscribe along with the BlackVelvetAudio one too.

1. Guillotine Dream: ‘Another’. Taken from the highly anticipated and upcoming Goth Rock Monster that is the ‘Demigods’ LP: This is easily one of my favourite releases of 2021 and a record that will give years of aural pleasure to come. If You’re a fan of the Neph or just good old fashioned Gothic Rock with balls that oozes macabre mystery, ethereal, deep & dark vocals, searing guitars, killer bass lines and a shit ton of double kick n snare then this my dusty hatted brethren is for you. Guillotine Dream are at the top of their game with this release and you can Pre-Order here: https://guillotinedream.bandcamp.com/album/demigods-2

2. Drew Freeman & Dominique Renard: ‘Dreamscape’ . This superb collaboration brings the rasping vocal power of Ex ‘Sometime The Wolf’ and now ‘All My Thorns’ Vocalist Drew Freeman and marries it with the driving rhythm section backbone of Westenra- Dominique Renard and creates something altogether a bit special. We certainly hope there are more collaborations ahead. All proceeds of the single will be going to the MND (Motor Neurone Disease) Association www.mndassociation.org too so make sure you get this is your bandcamp library: https://dreamscape4.bandcamp.com/releases

3. Black Angel: ‘My Love’. Easily one of our favourite singles of the year to date from one of the best albums. Written for his wife by songwriter and the musical brains behind Black Angel, Matt Vowles and delivered with passion by singer Corey Landis – ‘My Love’ will make the old romantic in you weep! Or was that just me? Taken from their phenomenal 3rd album ‘Prince Of Darkness’. Available here: https://blackangelmusic.bandcamp.com/album/prince-of-darkness-2

4. Gothzilla: ‘We Stand As One’. Only released yesterday, 03/09/21 the mighty Gothzilla give us yet another banger from the aural treat that is “Auras”. The fourth and possibly last release from the album which was released in 2020 is the infectious upbeat cry of unity that is ‘We Stand As One’ and is a feast of epic electronica and gorgeous guitars. It’s been released on bandcamp as a 3 track single and so also remixes by CODENAME:LOLA & You Destroy Her. Support the Mighty GothZilla here: https://gothzilla.bandcamp.com/music

5. Sounds Like Winter: ‘The Wedding Feast’. Taken from another BlackVelvetAudio favourite. This latest offering from ‘Fight The Stairs’ is a slice of Post-Punk Perfection. I’ve raved about this record in previous reviews and I’ll continue to rave about SLW as they have captured the raw essence and the very meaning of the genre.
You can buy the album here: https://sounds-like-winter.bandcamp.com/album/fight-the-stairs

6. Ashes Fallen: ‘We Belong Nowhere’. The latest single/promo video directed by Michelle Perry from the shitkickingly sinister ‘A Fleeting Melody out of a Fading Dream’. Both romantically poetic and politically charged it’s an album that’s a must have, especially if you’re partial to music with a message to tell. Buy it here: https://ashesfallenmusic.bandcamp.com/album/a-fleeting-melody-out-of-a-fading-dream.

7. Westenra: ‘Soul Shine’. The Whitby based three-piece have made their mark on the scene with Debut album ‘First Light’. Released at the beginning of 2021 it’s a modern Gothic Rock gem. Get ‘First Light’ here: https://westenra.bandcamp.com/music

8. Vazum: ‘Razor Smile’. If you love your Dark music multi-layered with a hefty bit of noise, a generous dash of fuzzy melodic discordance and a pinch of shoegaze then you’ll go nuts for Vazum. Taken from the album V+ Think Christian Death with my Bloody Valentine distortion and a subtle touch of Satyricon noise and you won’t be far off. Get it here: https://vazum.bandcamp.com/album/v

9. A Projection: ‘No Control’. Post-Punk from Sweden with dark heavy effect laden guitars, driving bass, gorgeous synths and intelligent and introspective lyrics. Oh and it really makes you wanna dance! What more could you want? https://aprojection-merchandising.bandcamp.com/music.

10. Pink Turns Blue ‘You Still Mean Too Much To Me’. As good as ever, one of the scenes’ best and most loved Post-Punk bands are still giving us exactly what we want to hear 36 years later and the recent selection of new singles from the upcoming album ‘Tainted’ due for release on the 2th Sept 21 have not disappointed. You NEED to get this here: https://pinkturnsblue.com

11. Clan of Xymox: ‘Big Brother’. Another legendary old-school band still putting out great music is ‘Xymox. This latest offering from the Dutch Darkwave legends is a topical observation on…observation. The new album ‘Limbo’ see’s Moorings’ make comment on current social conditions with practiced and skilful aplomb and the tunes are as good as ever. https://clanofxymox.bandcamp.com

12. The Sere: ‘The Candle’. From the EP of the same name this titular track is just lovely, a little lighter than most on this list perhaps but no less fitting as ‘The Candle’ is a brightly burning electronic Goth-Pop, Grave-wave, 80’s synth soaked track that will put a rare smile on your Goff faces. You really should check out the EP here: https://thesere.bandcamp.com

13. New Goth Champs: ‘Crawling Into Tracy’. I’ll be honest! I originally only picked this, based just the Band name & song title and hadn’t heard of them before compiling this latest list. Then I heard that chugga chugga bass line however and now this track grows on me every time I listen to it. My New Goth Champions? Perhaps not just yet, but with time? It’s definitely possible. https://newgothchamps.bandcamp.com

14. Night Ritual: ‘Eidolon’. More Deep Dark n moody vocals with tons of reverb mixed with wickedly bewitching synths and jangly melodic guitars with a ridiculously catchy chorus that’ll have us all singing on the dance floor. The rest of the album ‘Unbecoming’ released August 13th 21 is much the same in, glorious Gothic synthesised melancholy. I’m expecting big things ahead for the ‘one man band’ from Philli. You need this is your collection: https://nightritualmusic.bandcamp.com/music

15. Deliverance MX: ‘Echoing’. Mexico is exploding with dark acts just now and Deliverance MX are at the epicentre of the blast. Hypnotic, driving bass lines, mellifluous vocals, thumping tribal drums and lovely floaty n fuzzy guitars. This is modern Goth rock done right! https://deliverancemx.bandcamp.com

16. Suzi Sabotage: ‘Nazi Goths, Fuck off!’ I’m not always a fan of pure electronica as I love my guitar based Goth Rock but this is really rather good and is absolute fucking banger. Highly danceable, I can see this being a massive cult dance floor hit. The message is simple but bang on too and you can’t fail to agree, that is unless you don’t and in which case you know what you can do? https://suzisabotage.bandcamp.com

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