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Described as “Transatlantic downtempo ambient eletronica with a trip-hop vibe” the self titled debut release from Voidant is, I have to admit not my usual pint of snakebite n black. I’m a music fan first n foremost however. So when something like this comes along written by 2 alt scene masters of their craft as in this case, you have to pay attention and most importantly, listen.

David ‘Wolfie’ Wolfenden the brainchild and multi-instrumentalist of Voidant is a UK Rock/ Post Punk/Goth Icon, at least to those of us who have spent way too many hours to count listening to Red Lorry, Yellow Lorry’s seminal 1985 debut ‘Talk about the Weather’. His roll call of past credits aslo includes Goth Rock royalty in the form of both The Mission and The Rose of Avalanche among many other projects over the years.

Caroline Blind is of course no stranger to us either. If you’ve read any of the other reviews or the intreview we did for the site last year, you know that I’m “a bit of a fan”. Blind, also a Goth icon for her years as the front woman of US Tri-State “Trip-Goth” band Sunshine Blind who were infamously “Too Goth” for Andrew Eldritch. More recently Caroline has released her own acclaimed debut solo album; “The Spell Between”, that also featured a star studed list of alt Rock legends as contributors including Wolfie and is a record any discerning fan of great music Goth or not, should own.

Much in the same vein Voidant has it’s own list of celebrity contribtors in the guises of Rich Witherspoon of The Wake, Simon ‘Ding’ Archer also of the ‘Lorries’ and 1919 and Ade Clarke of Black Chapel. With the album being produced by Wolfenden and Archer and mixed by David Whittaker formerly of one of the 80’s original UK Goth bands, The Danse Society. And is also a record any discerning fan of great music Goth or not, should own.

You’d think that with all this Post Punk and Goth Rock Royalty in the main and supporting cast that this would be a phenomenal Goth Rock record. But be warned. It’s not. That is, it’s not Goth. Nope not at all. No sir! What it is however, is a highly intelligent, experimental and exciting, predominanely electronic, and for the most part chilled out gem. This will be a great record to put on after a ‘hard day at the office’ or when coming down/back from a gig or club when you just want to relax and listen to some beautiful, relaxing and downtempo music with a large glass of your favourite tipple. Would also work well as an existential crisis soundtrack and for those contemplating life, the universe and everything.

Voidant creates some truly masterful soundscapes throughout and the record when played from beginning to end washes over you like a flood of intense emotions leaving the listener or at least this one, with a deep sense of calm and contentment whilst exploring themes from protest and the psychology of dysfunctional relationships. It’s rich and layered textures draw you in like the embrace of a lover and before you know it, it’s on repeat. The more you listen to it, the more you hear and feel the connection between the creative idea and experimental sounds with the intensity and emotion of the lyrical content. Blind’s vocals are as ever, in one sense ethereal and soulful such as on lead single “La Loba” and in another especially on the cover of Love’s 7 and 7 is, monstrous in it’s sheer power.

With this Project David Wolfeneden has brought together Caroline’s way of writing and singing and married it perfectly and sucessfully to his idea of creating something innovative and inspired using non traditional musical methods.


“La Loba” for it’s eerie and slightly spooky feel that conjugate entirely together with the lyrical parable of the “Wolf Woman” and is a haunting cautionary tale about getting lost in the woods. It’s also probably the most “Goff” track on the album. The atmospheric and chilly video for which is below:

“7 and 7 is”. I’m a huge Arthur Lee and Love fan and this cover of the frenetic 1966 release is even more incendiary and intense than the musique concrète original.

“Vortex”. The last track on the album comes right after the boistrous noise of the guitars and power of ‘7 and 7 is’ and the almost unsettling sound of the cover of Vietnam protest song ‘Universal Soldier’ by Buffy Saint-Marie, and is an electronic and danceable delight with a hint of eastern promise that ends this journey in the experimentaion of word and sound perfectly.

With only a handful of playthroughs so far, it’s already shaping up to be a favourite and has opened both my ears and my heart to musical avenues new.

Available ONLY on Bandcamp: Buy it here https://voidantmusic.bandcamp.com/album/voidant

released September 7, 2021

All tracks by Voidant (David Wolfenden & Caroline Blind), except:
‘7 and 7 Is’, written by Arthur Lee (Love).
‘Universal Soldier’, written by Buffy Sainte-Marie.

David Wolfenden: guitars, programming, sampling, keys/synths, misc.
Caroline Blind: vocals

Baritone guitars: Rich Witherspoon (The Wake).
Bass guitars: Simon Ding Archer (Red Lorry Yellow Lorry, 1919), and Ade Clark (Black Chapel).
Piano: David Gregory.
Additional programming: Brian Senior and Simon Ding Archer.

Recorded at The Well, Leeds, UK, and Hecataea Studios, New Jersey, USA.
Mixed and produced by Simon Ding Archer and David Wolfenden, at 6db Studios, Manchester, UK.
Mastered by David Whitaker, at Czar Street Studios, Leeds, UK.

Press / promo contact: utm.musicgroup@gmail.com

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