Top Of The Goths. The Autumn Releases

As I’ve been a tardy boy this is a longer list than normal so not had the time to pop a wee review of each and whilst every track included is worthy of waxing lyrical word porn over, a few of our absolute faves are:

Guillotine Dream: ‘Wild Winds Call.’

Taken from the latest album ‘Demigods’ Wild Winds Call is a Gothic masterpiece, just like the rest of the album this is dark, deep and an absolute joy to listen to. The Neph-esque sound is spot on 80’s Goth but with it’s own unique dark rock take. Double kick in droves, doom laden bass, intense stabbing guitars and cavernous vocals make this altogether something special and an easy contender for album of the year status.

Sequential Zero –  ‘The Lost Ones’

From Mantravision Prouctions the new globe stretching collaboration between Ant Bannister of Sounds Like Winter. Bruce Wells of Orcus Nullify and Burnt souls Colin Gallgher.  If your’e partial to intelligent synthy Darkwave with gorgeous guitars and cavern deep vocals or if you just simply have ears and are willing to listen, either way,  you will not be dissapointed with Sequential Zero.

Sounds Like Winter – ‘The Wedding Feast’.

Yeah I know this was on the last list for August but the video was technically put out at the start of September so it counts and you might as well get used to seeing a lot of SLW as their brand of modern antipodean Post-Punk is not only briliant in it’s authenticity and worthy of inclusion in mulitiple ‘lists’ but it’s also highly addictive and I’ve basically been mainlining ‘Fight The Stairs’ since it’s release in April, with no come down in sight.

Pink Turns Blue – ‘Not Even Trying’

The new album ‘Tainted’ from the Belgian old masters of Post-Punk was released on 01/10/21 and is a perfect bass driven, melodic hypnosis of sound that articulates a melancholic social cry about modern issues that effect us all from Covid to Saving the Planet or not as in the case of ‘Not Even Trying’.

Ashes Fallen – ‘We Belong Nowhere’.

If you havn’t heard US Goth Rockers Ashes Fallen yet then, A) You’ve got an aural treat instore and B) Where the hell have you been? Lockeddown in the depths of the earth?  Even so, It’s still no excuse.  The latest offering from the genius that is ‘A Fleeting Melody out of a Fading Dream’ is the Michelle Perry Directed video for ‘We Belong Nowhere’. The song, another scathing social comentary on the human condition and the lust for money is one of my favourites from the album.

Les Longs Adieux. – 1083

First of 2 in the list for italian Dark Synthwavers  ‘Les Long Adieux’.  1983 was originally a standalone single put out in November 2020 before we started TOTG but has been on regular rotation since. This then is the 2021 mix and I have to say,  I absolutely adore this song and the waves of synthsational nostalgia it generates. So very happy to be able to include it’s upbeat and ridiculously danceable wistfulness here

All My Thorns: ‘Enlighten Me’.

I was a massive fan of Singer and Guitarist Drew Freeman’s previous band ‘Sometime The Wolf’ whose debut in 2019 is still one of the finest records in recent memory. This new incarnation that also includes bassist Korv Sutch previously of STW as well as newer members looks set to follow on with that sucess.  Nothing officially released yet and this video is from one of the Leeds gigs at Carpe Noctum earlier in September.  We wait with baited breath for the fisrt All My Thorns LP.

Corlyx: ‘The Echo’.

The Brighton UK based Darkwave/Electronic duo have been around the scene for a while now, previous mateerial was more on an industrial vibe but the last 2 releases ahve been much more towards the Post-Punk/Darkwave/Goth side of things whilst still keeping an electronic heartbeat they have manged to put a modern feel and their own spin on a ‘classic sound’ that we all love thus proving they are a seriously talented band that deserve to be huge regardless of what music is ‘labled’.

Full Playlist:

1. Guillotine Dream – Wild Winds Call

2. Sequential Zero – The Lost Ones

3. Ashes Fallen – We Belong Nowhere

4. Higher Dimension – Focus

5. Les Longs Adieux – 1983

6. All My Thorns – Enlighten Me

7. Actors – Cold Eyes

8. Pink Turns Blue – Not Even Trying

9. Byronic Sex & Exile – Unrepentant Thunder

10. The Spiritual Bat – Mission

11. Scene Noir – Refugee

12. Sounds Like Winter – The Wedding Feast

13. Flashbacks – Stolen Years

14. Claustraphobia – Crimson

15. Les Longs Adieux.

16. Plastique Noir – Asleep in the Night Train

17. Age O.P.F – The Wall

18. True Faith – Hornace

19. Who Saw Her Die? – Echoes and Shade

20. Stella Sleeps – Rain

21. Haunt Me – Dancing In The Dark

22. Vision Video – Organized Murder

23. Sequential Zero – The Banishing Spell

24. Raven Said – Fields Of Frost

25. Age O.P.F – Rich and Nice

26. Lebanon Hanover – Come Kali Come

27. CORLYX -The Echo

28. Rhombus – The Longest Day album sampler

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