“The Longest Day”

Rhombus | The Band

This latest release from Rhombus has been a long time coming, and as the saying goes “Good things come to those who wait”. Whilst experience says that this is not always true; (Still waiting on that new Neph album) “The Longest Day” is pudding proof that the old proverb is at least occasionally bang on the money.

The album is Alt Rock at it’s finest and there’s something for everyone here as “The Longest Day” is an eclectic and varied mix of out and out Rock flavoured with a few world music and almost folky touches here and there but with that ever present percussive Alt/Goth Rock backbone.

“The Longest Day” is the bands’s first full album release since the fabulous and award winning “Here be Dragons” nearly a decade ago so the wait has indeed been long but so, so worth it!

One of the things that has always made Rhombus stand-out from the rest of the crowd and one of the reasons the album was worth the “longest” wait – is without doubt the vocal arrangements. Not just one but two super talented vocalists here. The marriage and mix of male and female vocals throughout, making them unique among their contemperaries. The rich deep resonance of bassist and singer Ed Grassby coupled with the simply gorgeous tone, subtle strength and vocal balls talent of Alixandrea Corvyn makes for some truly unique and memorable vocals. Whether it’s in the form of duet, perfectly sweet harmonies or soulful mawwāl, this vocal cocktail is highly intoxicating. Add to that, equal measures of intelligent and poignant lyrics with an angostura dash of bitter humour and you’ve got something your musical tastebuds can quaff all day long. Additional vox were also provded by Chris Tukes, Steve Gibbons and Ian Grinn Pringle.

Instrumentally, ‘The Longest Day’ is no less impressive either. The percussive foundations of this rock quadrilateral are supplied by Lee Talbot on drums and Ed again on bass this time and provide a rock solid cornerstone on which the whole is built. Woven throughout vocal and percussion alike, like fine marbling are the swirling guitars and programming of Rob Walker that help provide the diverse flavour notes of each track. Last of the 10 tracks ‘Love is the Answer’ also features Dunsy Dunsmore on guitar.

The album, that was not just 8 years in the waiting but 2 years in the making sounds fanstatsic too.

Mixing and Co-Producing of the album was carried out Michael Uwins of Manuskript and surprise surprise, the mastering was superbly and savantly as always handled by sonic maestro – the prolific Mr Gordon Young of Children on Stun and too many other bands to mention fame.

Favourite tracks are difficult to pin down as it’s all so superbly written and executed. All individually worth a mention due to the aforementioned and due to the variation in sound on each song if nothing else. However, I as always will let you, the listener discover your favourites without giving the game away too much. Personally I really love opener “You Depend On You” for it’s air traffic control intro that leads right into a sexy-assed bassline and for it’s lyrical message. 2nd song in “Sodium Sunrise” also worth a mention for it’s arabic mawwāl-esque intro and juxtaposed vocals. I could listen to a whole albums worth of this alone.

This varied and unique record is an absolute multi-faceted gem and a must for any discerning fan to have in their collection.

You can get it here: https://shop.rhombus.org.uk/album/the-longest-day-2

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