Top of the Goths: The Soundtrack to 2021

2021 has been a banner year for the Darkscene with acts across the globe putting out some truly memorable records. Whether this is despite or perhaps as I prefer to believe, inspite of the pandemic it has seen musicians and fans rising to the occasion and the challenge; the continued frustration of cancelled, postponed or socially distanced gigs. Unable to practice as a band and many venues closing indefinitely. Not to mention the challenge of writing & recording a potential future classic with band members in isolation or ever even being in the same room or country.

But as I say, inspite of all this, the output in the Goth Rock, Alt-Rock, Post-Punk, Darkwave and Darkscene in general has been nothing less than stellar. And although many gigs were still postponed or cancelled we did indeed get out to play too. The ‘All that is Divine’ all dayer at Kolis London being a real highlight for us at here at BVA and The Whitby ‘Tommorows Ghosts Festival’ a huge sucess as always.

Best album, best release of the year? You know I actually can’t say, yeah I know that’s a cop out but there’s been far too much high quality choonage and besides who am I to decide what’s what? Plus like all art, it’s subjective anyway. I’ll leave the wordsmithy ‘best of’s’ to the professionals that actually know what they’re talking about.

As a fan what I can & do want to share however are the records that have made my 2021 bearable. The records that have been my alarm clock in the morning. Accompanied me on my walk to work. The sounds that have lulled me to sleep. The lyrics that have fuelled my anger, my sadness or helped ease my pain. The basslines that have put a smile on my face & a groove in my heart. The music that has been my soundtrack.

This playlist is long…55 tracks long in fact. There are a few bands and artists with repeat appearances, as whilst I may not know much, I do know what I like & I’m a loyal supporter if nothing else. The list is in no real order either, other than a rough promo release timeline from January to December.

There are also a couple of extras at the end that are obvioulsy not from this year but have been on serious heavy rotation regardless in high anticipation of new releases in 2022.

Lastly on behalf of myself & Andrew here at BVA. I really would like to just say a huge heartfelt thankyou to all of the bands and artists featured in this list for doing what you do. To all our fellow fans and to the followers & supporters of the page for your continued support. I hope you all have a memorable & music filled 2022 and I’m sure we’ll catch some you at an overpriced gig bar at somepoint soon. Wishing you all a very Happy New Year!  

“Here’s tae us; wha’s like us? Damn few and they’re a’ deid.  Mairs the pity! SlĂ inte mhath.

Full track listing and links for purchase.

Track 1: Oroboros – ‘Fire the Black Away’

Track 2: Morbid Poetry – ‘Subzero’

Track 3: Then Comes Silence – ‘In Your Name’

Track 4: Mark E Moon – ‘Animals’

Track 5: Ash Code – ‘Fear’

Track 6: A Cloud Of Ravens – ‘When it Comes’

Track 7: Vision Video – ‘Comfort in the Grave’

Track 8: Hidden House – ‘Over’

Track 9: – Drew Freeman & Dominique Renard – ‘Dreamscape’

Track 10: Rosegarden Funeral Party – ‘Gates of Heaven’

Track 11: Night Ritual – ‘Eidolon’

Track 12: Whispering Sons – ‘Heat’

Track 13: Nox Novacula – ‘Last Will and Testement’

Track 14: CODENAME LOLA: ‘Room 57’

Track 15: Ashes Fallen – ‘Vampira’

Track 16: Caroline Blind – ‘Tribe’ (The Remixes)

Track 17: Orcus Nulify – ‘Night Dance’

Track 18: 1919 – ‘Singing to the Universe’

Track 19: Chaos Bleak – ‘Dress the kids for War’

Track 20: Jason Priest ‘White Anglo Saxon Protestants’

Track 21: Black Angel – ‘Alive’

Track 22: The Joy Thieves – ‘American Parasite’

Track 23: Dark – ‘In the Shadows’

Track 24: Gothzilla – ‘Ilaria’

Track 25: Ariel Maniki & the Black Halos – ‘Strangers’

Track 26: Sounds Like Winter – Gathered (For the Fall)

Track 27: Caroline Blind & Rich W – ‘Cold’

Track 28: Voidant – ‘La Loba’

Track 29: A Projection – ‘No Control’

Track 30: Pink Turns Blue – ‘You Still Mean Too Much To Me’

Track 31: Suzi Sabotage – ‘Nazi Goths Fuck Off’

Track 32: Guillotine Dream – ‘Another’

Track 33 – Black Angel – ‘My Love’

Track 34: Westenra – ‘Soul Shine’

Track 35: Sounds Like Winter – ‘The Wedding Feast’

Track 36: Ashes Fallen – ‘We Belong Nowhere’

Track 37: Pink Turns Blue – ‘Not Even Trying’

Track 38: Gothzilla – ‘We Stand as One’

Track 39: Age O.P.F – ‘The Wall’

Track 40: Les Longs Adieux – ‘1983’ (2021 version)

Trcak 41: Corlyx – ‘The Echo’

Track 42: Actors – ‘Cold Eyes’

Track 43: Sequential Zero – ‘The Lost Ones’

Track 44: The Funeral March of the Marionettes – ‘Flood’

Track 45: Higher Dimension – ‘Focus’

Track 46: Vision Video – ‘Organised Murder’

Track 47: Rhombus – Album Sampler Promo only – Sadly no other promos yet.

Track 48: Guillotine Dream – ‘Wild Winds Call’

Track 49: Orcus Nullify – ‘Night Bird’

Track 50: Merciful Nuns – ‘Down Dark Hallways’

Track 51: Chaos Bleak – ‘Like the Master Says’

Track 52: Black Angel – ‘Breathe’

Track 53: Sequential Zero – ‘The Banishing Spell’

Track 54: October Burns Black – ‘The Predator’

Track 55: Grooving In Green – ‘A Little Soul’

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