Top Of The Goths: Winter 2022

And we’re back!

It’s been what seems like the longest winter ever, in fact one could almost be forgiven for feeling as if it started way back in December 2020 & not just a few short months ago. It’s been a good while since posted anything to the BVA site too. You’d be forgiven for thinking I’d knocked it on the head. I can assure however that the page is still here to help do our bit to spread the word of Goth. Albeit intermittently. Like the grumpy grizzly auld Goff I am. I’d stuffed myself silly to put on the pounds at Christmas so I could hibernate over the dark winter months. Add to that some health issues & hardware issues or rather lack thereof & It meant I’ve had nothing digital to write on except my phone recently nor the energy to do so. Hence why the page has been even quieter than normal. 

However, spring has now well & truly sprung & the sun has been out (even in Scotland). And all things, including this hoary old Goth are starting to defrost, shrug off the sads & wake from their deep slumber.

Things to look forward to.

There’s a lot to catch up on and yet even more to look forward to for this grizzled old bear in 2022.

A few of the things I’m personally looking forward to are:

The full release of the 4th studio album “The Black Rose” from the Hollywood outfit that for the last few years have been steadily & lovingly putting the “ROCK” back into Gothic Rock. The sublime seraphim duo that is the creative genius of songwriter & multi instrumentalist Matt Vowles & smooth as fuck front man Corey Landis. Otherwise known as Black Angel.

The CD of “The Black Rose” went up on the bands bandcamp page a few days ago & is available on pre-order now. The Album will be be released in full on April 1st 2022. In the meantime to get your new BA music fix, 3rd single “Take Me Down” was released the same day the pre-order went live.

Head on over to the bandcamp page on grab it here:

I’ve written a few love letters…I mean review about Grooving In Green, one of my absolute favourites of the modern scene. And just like Madge urged us back in the day: GiG will be inviting us to get into the sociopolitical Goth Groove when they release their latest record. Another highly anticipated release, the tracks are all recorded and just waiting on GiG’s legendary drummer & mastering maestro Simon Rippin to work his magic in the studio.

We should be hearing it at some point in the very near future. A band that doesn’t just groove but really has something to say. GiG are a band that I get & they get me. Clever writing & first class musicianship sees them topically on point & provocative in their lyrics whilst keeping upbeat & most definitely in the groove musically. What with all the world strife since their last poignant release. “A Second Chance”. I’m looking forward to hearing their take on the worldwide shitstorm of the last few years.

Then of course, there’s this bad boy:

The impending & long-awaited release of “Two Worlds Collide”. The 1st full long play from global Goth super-group: October Burns Black. Diehard OBB fans, myself included have been waiting patiently with baited breath for this release. We’ve been waiting quite a while too but you can’t rush perfection & good things come to those who wait! I have no doubt however, that it will be everything we’ve been waiting for & then some. The record itself, will be even more emotional to many of us as when released it’s being dedicated to one of our very own, the much missed & loved Robert Fairbairn, a true music fan, fellow Neph head and good friend to many. We miss you man. This is one is quite literally for you.


And of course, the return of all the live gigs and festivals to look forward to; far too many in fact to mention them all here now but a few I’m personally looking forward to & will definitely be attending are:  

Pink Turns Blue at Ivory Blacks, Glasgow in June. The German trio’s melodic bass lead sound puts them pretty damn high on my all-time favourite Post-Punk/New Wave bands list. Cannot wait to finally see them live

All That is Divine 2. This old-school style Goth all-dayer returns for its sophomore event on 14th May in Leicester with the Faces of Sarah, The Glasshouse Museum, GothZilla, Last July, Chaos Bleak & The Vaulted Skies. With a line up like that, once again it’ll be a day not to miss.


There’s also what promises to be the absolutely immense Goth City 6 in Leeds in July. This 4-day festival starts on 7th July 2022 and will see artists & music from across the globe from the likes of the Legendary Caroline Blind & The Rose of Avalanche as well as current scene stalwarts Rhombus, Chaos Bleak & the mighty Gothzilla among many others over the multi venue 4-day event.

The Playlist

To keep it simple then. Our first forage for musical sustenance from the page this year comes simply in the shape of a Top Of The Goths Winter 2022 playlist.  

This is purely just a few of my favourite tracks from the last few months. The tracks that have gotten me through these last dark days. Through the oddly named storms, the impending doom & all the political strife and put a smile on my face and song in my heart. 

There’s no real order to it apart from rough release date of the YT vid.  There’s a few from late last year included. Some new songs from old favourites like Merciful Nuns & Christian Death. As well as some new bands to me. Like the superb “I Came Back To You” from New Yorker’s Crimson Brûlée. Or the super familiar Gothy & catchy as fuck sounds of Uncanny Chamber on the single “All Lights Are Fading”. And if you like it dark n gloomy there’s the superb sonic doom of “Nightshow” by Lea Torn.

The observant may notice one from a few years ago creeping in that has had a new video release just recently.  I’ve included that too especially as it’s the new Sounds Like Winter video for my favourite SLW track “No Interest. And honestly I can’t shout loud enough about about them. Whenever & wherever the opportunity presents itself, I’ll always shoehorn in more Sounds Like Winter into anything & everything.  A recent press release comment from SLW publicist UTM music made me snort my coffee in agreement: “If you’ve been ignoring this band, you’re clearly a fucking idiot.” Fact! 

Anyways, enough waffling from me. I’ll let the music sing for itself!

Track Listings

  1. Guillotine Dream – Wild Winds Call:
  2. Caroline Blind ft Rich W. – God Damn The Sun (Swans Cover):
  3. Principe Valiente – Porcelain:
  4. Crimson Brûlée – I came back to you:
  5. Orcus Nullify – Night Bird:
  6. Merciful Nuns – Down Dark Hallways:
  7. Sea Lungs – Piss Up A Rope:
  8. Ruby Lustre – Amends:
  9. Licorice Chamber – This Love is Dark:
  10. Lea Torn – Nightshow:
  11. Sweet Ermengarde – A Promise to Fulfill (2021 Version):
  12. Clan of Xymox – Limbo:
  13. Black Angel – All or Nothing:
  14. Uncanny Chamber – All Lights Are Fading:
  15. Merciful Nuns – The Kvltanians:
  16. Christian Death – Blood Moon:
  17. The Palest Grey – In This Room:
  18. Chaos Bleak – Calling from Afar:
  19. Massive Ego – Fake Star:
  20. Fatal Portrait – Past Lives:
  21. Jan Doyle Band – Circus of Death:
  22. Then Comes Silence – Rise To The Bait:
  23. Male Tears – Model Citizen:
  24. Who Saw Her Die? – Before the Plague:
  25. No Interest – Sounds Like Winter:
  26. Sequential Zero – My Darker Side:

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