Gothzilla/Call Me Legion

Always a good day when The Mighty GothZilla release new material, so today really is a good day as we see not one but two 2 new singles. The first, “Insect” is an updated version of a track from one of Zilla main man Tim’s older bands: Sweet Mercy & has been updated by himself & guitarist Stuart Harbut & given the full Gothzilla treatment.

One of the things that drew my ear to Gothzilla is their variety of sound, each release is something a bit different, each track something new: sometimes more rock guitar based, sometimes more synthy & on the electronic side in feel. Now I’ve no idea what the original of Tim’s old college band sounded like but this version has all of the above & as always that unmistakable Gothzilla energy. Insect is a roller-coaster of sound: ominous, frenetic, dark & heavy yet also light & hopeful if plaintive at the chorus. It’s a catchy little fucker too – can see this being a live favourite. I can almost visualize uber music & Zilla fan Kerr Avon standing at the front arms outstretched singing at the top of his lungs leading us all in unison. “Give me one good Reason…”

Many Insects are known for their Herculean strength & power compared to their size. This “Insect” lives up to that as it truly packs a punch greater than the sum of it’s parts.

The second new release from Tim is in the form of his new project “Call Me Legion”. An interesting idea with the perfect nomenclature as it will see him creating with a revolving door of some of the current scenes finest. 

Call Me Legion’s first release is a cover of the classic & beloved Peter Gabriel track “Games without Frontiers”. With Tim this time are: 

Lee Meadows of The Glass House Museum, Codename:Lola & itsbatboyslim

Alixandrea Corvyn of rhombusband, Last July & Sacrilege

Alec Marlow of dawn_of_elysium

Mike Wheeler of The Dead Seasons

This debut track is an absolute joy & a fantastic start to this new collaborative project. Many of the musicians on this first single are no strangers to a damn good cover version & it shows, with Lee Meadows of Codename Lola previously doing a stonking job with Tim on their cover of the 1980 Ultravox hit “All Stood Still” & Lee again as Codename Lola but with vocals from Alix this time on their ridiculously good cover of Scottish Goth classic from the Dream Disciples: “Room 57”

For me a good cover should add but take nothing away from the original, should be reverent & yet innovative in its interpretation. “Call Me Legion” delivers that & more; faithful to the original whilst changing arrangement & adding newer elements.

One of the small but instantly noticeable changes the discerning fan of the original will pick up is the wonderful Alixandrea Corvyn who vocalises the oft misheard intro with a middle eastern Ofra Haza-esque vibe as she sings “Jeux sans frontiers” & steps in for Kate Bush – one of my instant thoughts was “I love that” followed very closely by “I really want to hear Alix do more Kate Bush”. Being of an age & certain musical disposition Peter Gabriel has always been one of my favourite vocalists & so was naturally intrigued as to the main vocal part. I also have to own up here & maybe hand in my Gothzilla fan club card here as at first I didn’t recognize that it was actually Tim singing the Gabriel part as not in his usual register. Is it? Isn’t it? So & had to check. Suffice to say it’s a stellar fucking job in key & tone. I really want to hear Tim & Alix do “Don’t Give Up” now too. The musicality, arrangement & production from all involved is first class. They’ve taken a beloved classic by many & sharpened it’s teeth. Looking forward to hearing what comes next.

This Call Me Legion debut, is not only a respectful & innovative cover but an absolute banger of a tune & it’s for a good cause too. The track is a Bandcamp exclusive with all proceeds being split between @thecareworkerscharity and @unicef. & is a “pay what you feel” release. So head on over here:

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