All That Is Divine 2: The Top Of The Goths “Wish I Was There” Playlist.

If you were lucky enough to catch the inaugural “All That is Divine” Festival in London last year you’ll know why I’m rather sad that I wont be there for part 2 in Leicester on Saturday 14th May 2022.

The old school all-dayer features no less than 6 of the UK’s best purveyors of Gothic & Alternative Electronic Rock: Headlining are scene & Industry stalwarts & namesake of the festival with their classic 2000 stomper “All That Is Divine” The Faces of Sarah. Seeing FoS live on their own is a source for fan celebration in & of itself but the aural joy doesn’t stop there as you’ll be getting some of my favorites & veterans of ATID1 last year – The Gothtacularly groovy Glass House Museum again along with the mighty noise monster that is GothZilla, who’s front man is now also the bassist for FoS. Add to that the simply sublime vocals & electronic rock of Alixandrea Corvin & Last July, the prolific grand-master of Goth Trevor Bamford with his latest dark musical offering – Chaos Bleak. As well as The Vaulted Skies; the band once described as “the lovechild of Robert Smith and Boy George”.

With a line up like that, this year is set to be even bigger & better. And with the makings of a Goth Rock Super-group all in attendance; Namely GothZilla front man Tim Jarvis’ new revolving door project “Call Me Legion”, anything could happen & I’ve a feeling those fans that are there are in for a rather special treat. Whilst I’ll sadly not be making this epic event this year our photographer & BVA partner Andrew Doughty in crime will indeed however be in attendance for us both along with his trusty camera.

The Below then is just a taster of what lies ahead for those of you attending on Saturday & for those that can’t it’s our “Fuck I Wish I Was There” playlist.

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The Faces Of Sarah:


The Glass House Museum:


Chaos Bleak:

Last July:

The Vaulted Skies:

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Track Listing:

  1. The Faces Of Sarah: “All That Is Divine”
  2. CODENAME: LOLA: “Room 57”
  3. The Glasshouse Museum: “Glory Hunters”
  4. Gothzilla: “Insect”
  5. Chaos Bleak: “Like The Master Says”
  6. Last July: “A True Story Of A Lie”
  7. The Vaulted Skies: “What If I Were The Boy”
  8. The Faces Of Sarah: “Misery Turns”
  9. CODENAME: LOLA: “All Stood Still”
  10. Gothzilla: “We Stand As One”
  11. The Glasshouse Museum: “Tides”
  12. Chaos Bleak: “Regrets Are For Yesterday”
  13. Last July: “Glamorous Parasite”
  14. The Valuted Skies: “Does Anyone Else Feel (Strange?)”
  15. The Faces Of Sarah: “Turn Away”
  16. The Glass House Museum: “Jericho”
  17. GothZilla: “Hit Me Baby One More Time”
  18. The Glass House Museum” Shades” (CODENAME:LOLA remix)
  19. Last July: “Into The Void”
  20. Chaos Bleak: “Grey Lady Walks”
  21. The Vaulted Skies: “This Crime”

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