Top Of The Goths: The Spring Collection 2022

So, Summer is here & that means it’s time to look back at the Spring offerings made at the dark altar & share a few of our favorites from over the last 3 months.

There’s 20 stunning tracks in this edition of Top Of The Goths & there’s a bit of something for everyone. There’s new tunes from old bands & new bands covering old tunes all mixed in with the brand spanking new.

As always this is isn’t a Top 20 as such & the track listing is simply in release date order as they’re all “Top Of The Goths” here! That is, all except for one on this occasion. The Number 1 track & the 1st video to seduce your eyes & ears is a bit of a premiere for us here at BVA as whilst it’s not the official video release it’s still the 1st promo video for “Games Without Frontiers” from Gothzilla front-man & Faces Of Sarah bassist Tim Jarvis & his new revolving door project Call me Legion & as such deserves to be in the No.1 slot . Plus it’s shit hot! So there’s that too.

I reviewed the track when it came out; and as you may or may not be aware I’m quite fond of a good cover version or 10 & “Games Without Frontiers” is as good as it gets so I absolutely adore it! I’m in good company too as is Tim, who obviously likes the odd cover version as he’s done more than a few belters before…Gothzilla doing “Hit Me Baby One more time” anyone? Yes Fucking Please!

At least 2 of the other artists (that I’m aware of) guesting on this version are experienced at delivering “as good as the original” cover versions too, as both Lee Meadows of Codename:Lola & The Glasshouse Museum & Alixandrea Corvyn of Last July & Rhombus have in recent years delivered several of my all time favorites. If you haven’t heard Lee & Tim do the Ultravox classic “All Stood Still” & Alix & Lee do Dream Disciples “Room 57” yet then you should head on over to & do that once you’ve watched this.

As always hope you enjoy.

Track Listing:

  1. Call Me Legion: “Games Without Frontiers”
  2. Cold Institution: “Dressed Up In Uniform”
  3. Westenra: “Devil Woman”
  4. Sea Lungs: “Lighthouse Noir”
  5. Bauhaus: “Drink The New Wine”
  6. Voices Of Memory: Too Young To Die”
  7. Gothzilla: “Insect”
  8. Ariel Maninki & The Black Halos: “Siamese Twins”
  9. The Secret Experiment: “Abandoned”
  10. Christian Death: “The Warning”
  11. Terminal Serious: “Gift For You”
  12. Lycia: “A Far Away Place”
  13. Caroline Blind: “I Feel Speed”
  14. Kill Shelter ft Agent Side Grinder: “The Necklace”
  15. Zeitgeist Zero: “Plastic Diamonds”
  16. Who Saw Her Die?: “Release Me”
  17. Soft Kill: “Press Play”
  18. Iamnoone: “The Need”
  19. StereoCult: “Every Day Is The End Of The World”
  20. Ian Arkley: From Forest, From Sea.

We’re a niche genre. No one’s getting Beatles rich here. All of the artists just like the fans in our scene do it for the love of the music and the scene itself. If you find something you like, head on over to the band pages on the links above & support them with your wallet as well as your ears.

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