Have you got your Sea Lungs yet?

Sea Lungs: Truffle Pig.

Melbourne’s Sea Lungs are like the fantasy end of the world love child of a musical ménage à trois between Sex Gang children, The Virgin Prunes and Ausgang.

A sonic frisson where the resulting progeny got all the good genes of the former and has now matured into their own; a talented & articulate, intense and angry bastard. More Post-Apocalypse than Post-Punk.

Their latest single “Truffle Pig” showcases the bands diversity of sound; In equal measures musically and lyrically, unsettling, challenging and provocative. It’s a melodious cacophony of discordance and politically astute poetry. “Truffle Pig” is a musical Molotov cocktail of hard truth & sedition thrown in frustration and anger at a system that rightly deserves to burn.

Another of the Mantravision Productions global collective that includes Sounds Like Winter, Orcus Nullify & Sequential Zero; a label that can seem to do no wrong just now. With only 4 single releases to date & with each one offering a different approach & the listener something new Sea Lungs are still a bit of a dark horse & I for one look forward to finding out more. With the tidal wave of social inequality & flood of political uncertainty we find ourselves in, I think we’re all going to need our Sea Lungs.

You can help light the touchpaper here; https://sealungs.bandcamp.com

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