Gothzilla. Cast No Shadow

It’s no secret I’m a pretty massive fan of Gothzilla & Tim & Stuart’s latest release “Cast No Shadow” is another reason to add to the list of whys & wherefores of that support. Spangly Gothic Rock goodness is something I love & something that the ‘Zilla do & do extremely well. “Cast No Shadow” is no exception to this. This latest release is Goth Rock with a focus on the “Rock”. Straight into the good stuff, the opening guitar riff that punctuates through the song along with the chorus, hooks you within seconds almost prompting one to invoke a “Bill n Ted” air guitar motion in confirmation of it’s afore mentioned Spangly Rock goodness.

The 2 track release also features a Remix of “Cast No Shadow” by occasional partner in crime & Glass House Museum bassist Lee Meadows under one of his many side project names CODENAME:LOLA. As an experienced Re-mixer Lee knows his stuff & having worked together numerous times on projects & on many of the same gig line ups Lee knows his ‘Zilla as well as the rest of us, meaning the CODENAME: LOLA mix fits perfectly as an authentic version of the original that bangs just as hard but with a Goth club drum n bass vibe. One to headbang to & one to dance to. Nice!

The video to “Cast No Shadow”, which you can watch below sees a lone ‘Zilla front man, Tim Jarvis, preaching from the pulpit – the pulpit of Rock it would seem. Sharply dressed, giving off a Sopranos Gothic gangster vicar vibe, he sermonizes his lesson to the watcher. If all churches gave sermons this cool & with a Rickenbacker guitar in the hands then I think we’d all be a bit more religious, though one could say most Goths pray at the font of Gothic Rock n Roll on a regular basis anyway.

Check it out & join the congregation.

Availiable on Bandcamp & as it’s Bandcamp Friday, where the artist gets the majority of the moola now’s a good time to offer your prayers & support the band & grab a copy. To bastardise a Gothzilla song title – “Today is a Good Day to Buy”

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