Top Of The Goths: The Summer 2022 Collection.

So summer’s behind us, sort of anyway. Still waiting patiently to properly usher in the colder air, put the leather back & go for long autumnal walks. Don’t know about you but this sticky heat can just about fuck off now.

Having said that, this last summer was indeed a blinder in more ways than just the sunshine. We’ve heard some fantastic new releases & seen some rare one off live shows too.

We had the highly anticipated debut LP from Global Goth Supergroup October Burns Black; Two Worlds Colide. The Ridiculously brilliant “Breathe” EP from Whitby Goth Rockers Westenra. New singles & merch from everyone’s’ fave Gothzilla, Summer 2022 also saw US icon Caroline Blind back on stage in the UK for the first time in 20 years. I discovered Deathtrippers, finally got to see Last July, & have Chaos Bleak make my ears bleed. Got pissed with a 3rd of The Glasshouse Museum, met some old mates, made some new mates & got to hang out with Goth Rock & Post-Punk Royalty too. There was some epic new bass lead Post-Punk from Russia and Blind Seagull. Angry Antipodeans Sea Lungs called us all Truffle Pigs & fellow Mantravison productions band Sequential Zero gave us a new promo video as well as the final sequence in their stunning sequence of 4 EP’s. There was the fantastic new music from the legendary Skeletal Family, which you can check out in the playlist too.

Outside of the Goth/alt music scene scientists discovered new black holes in our galaxy. The TV adaption of Neil Gaiman’s the Sandman had Goths & comic nerds in a tizzy, Oh & some floppy haired Tory cunt got the “Et tu Brute” treatment from his fellow scumbags. Whilst 2022 itself still feels like we’re living in some in sort of dystopian future sci-fi novel, it was all in all, a damn good summer. To that end this seasons Top Of The Goths is just a little different. There are of course some of the new releases from the past 3 months in the playlist but as Goth City 6 was such an amazing event & integral to the BVA summer I just had to include some of the bands & artists that played the event & were just as much the soundtrack to the summer.

Track Listing:

October Burns Black: “Regress” taken from the Debut LP “Two Worlds Collide” Released 24/06/22.

Westenra: “Breathe” taken from the “Breathe” EP released 29/07/22

Deathtrippers: “Hand In Hand”. 2 track single released 15/06/18.

Rhombus: “Get Over Yourself” taken from the album “The Longest Day” released 13/11/21

Gothzilla: “Cast No Shadow. 2 track single released 11/08/22

Caroline Blind:” I Feel Speed”. Single released 29/04/22

Last July: “A True Story of a Lie”. Taken from the album “A True Story of a Lie” released 07/07/12

Chaos Bleak: “Grey Lady Walks” Taken from the debut album ” A New Age of Darkness” Released 25/01/21

Music | Chaos Bleak (

Sequential Zero: “My Darker Side” from the “Third Sequence” EP released 28/02/22.

Sea Lungs: “Truffle Pig”. Single released 27/06/22

Byronic Sex & Exile: “Unrepentant Thunder”. From the album “Unrepentant Thunder” released 03/08/21

Amaranth: “Gothimist”. Single Released 10/06/22.

Rome Burns: “A Plague on Both Houses”. From the album “All Monsters to Angels”. Released 07/12/19

The Way Of All Flesh: “Killing Floor”. From the “Shotguns & Razorwire” EP released 25/07/22

John Merrick’s Remains:”Hollow Man” . Released 20/07/20

Skeletal Family: My Own Redemption”. Single Released 17/06/22

Blind Seagull: “Nothing To Feel” Taken from the album “Personal Decay” released 24/07/22

Golden Apes: “From The Sky” from the album “From The Sky” released 29/07/22

They Die: “All Your Magic”. Taken from the album “Emptiness Prevails” Released 01/07/22

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