Gothzilla: “Faithrape”

Got to be honest here;  Gothzilla can do no wrong in my ears; I’m a big fan & reviewing them is always a pleasure as it’s not really reviewing it’s just listening to great music & new cover single “Faithrape” is another example of why.

Originally a Kill II This song from the British Nu-Metal bands 1998 album “Deviate” which up until this cover release I’d never heard, so having nothing really to compare this new Zilla version to I of course did my duty of care & had a listen to the original & have to say that although really not my usual cuppa it’s quite good, especially the heavy guitar riff that runs throughout. However, it just doesn’t really do it for me, not my genre as it were & definitely not a track I’d have ever said that I’d love to hear as a “Goth” cover or any kind of cover come to that.

Good job no one listens to me anyway as this new ‘Zilla version takes that monstrous main riff of the original, pours it into some skinny black jeans, powders its face, crimps it’s hair & goffs it up good & just does more with it, to these auld goff ears at least. Perhaps it’s Tim’s hugely powerful & diverse vocals. Perhaps it’s the addition of an eastern vibe with the gorgeously rich female vocalising, that comes in at the intro & punctuates throughout & will have any Sisters fan making Temple of Love 92 comparisons? Perhaps it’s simply the fact that It’s been given the Mighty Gothzilla treatment by Tim? Maybe it’s bias, maybe it’s Mabeline or simply just because it’s fucking worth it but this is another cracking, subjectively “better than the original” cover by Tim to my ears. The 2 track single also features a 5 & a half minute “Faith on The Floor” Remix for you to groove your winklepickers to.

But you don’t have to take my word for it (though you should )& go check it out for yourself. This latest pay what you want, cover version from Gothzilla is available here: Faithrape – 2 track single | Gothzilla ( for you to make you own mind up & will also be being included in Gothzilla’s upcoming new covers album that will include 17 other phenomenal covers from the bands back catalogue, such as Tim’s stonking version of Britney’s “Hit me baby one more time” below.

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