NFD: The Trinity EP

A Truly Divine Trinity.

It’s been more than a hot minute & in fact nearly a decade since NFD released completely new material and whilst a far longer wait than most fans of the band would want, once heard this new release makes it instantly well worth the wait.

The aptly named Trinity EP is an ambitious and monumental epic in every sense of the word. In grand poetic tradition it unfolds it’s gripping story & paints for the listener a sense of the vastness of the cosmos. Exploring the trinity concepts of Hell, Heaven & The Aether & just like Dante’s Divina Commedia each track is an individual story within the whole, taking the listener on an aural journey through a soundscape that spans from the celestial heights to the dark bowls of the underworld & all the purgatorial spaces in between. Each track is a heavy riff laden journey of peaks & troughs from deep, dark & dirty lows to vaulted heavenly highs. On the 3rd or 4th listen through I half expected a small door to open in my forehead & my mind to expand in comprehension of the meaning of the universe.  Each musical representation of the theme at hand is a masterpiece in & of itself & makes the whole a true masterclass in musicianship. Don your dusty trench coat & wide brimmed hat, for this journey, you’ll need it.

Track 1 “ Surrender To My Will” representing Hell & the inferno starts this theological musical quest into the philosophical & builds, layer upon, dynamic instrumental layer of atmospheric prog-goth sound until it reaches a guitargasm crescendo that demands every single forearm hair to stand to attention in waves & found myself giving the horns whilst doing a poor but totally valid Beavis & Butthead impression of Hehe yeah! This Fucking Rocks! Because it fucking does.

Track 2 “To find my Heaven”. I found it within the opening seconds …That tone! That bassline! That tempo change! My outright favourite of the Trinity on offer, simply beautiful in it’s delivery from that first bass slide to the searing hot guitars & frenetic double kick finish. A track that even though it’s not such a pretty sight these days, is one that make me really want to hear it live & want to be topless at the top of a tower, arms swaying & in total sync with the band & crowd. My Heaven indeed.

Track 3 “Static On My Soul” is a bombastic barrage of double kick drum, gorgeous guitars, that weave between the heavy & the light, angelic strings & another simply beautiful & driving bassline all while vocalist Bob White growls in his trademark tone & wails about the purgatory of the Static on his soul. If this is purgatory perhaps I’ll stay.

Mixed to a silky smooth perfection, blending every instrument & every note so that each is distinct yet perfectly balanced to the whole. The production of this stunning EP is only shadowed by the musicality, creativity & vastness of the soundscape itself.

The “Trinity” EP is an explosive return to exactly where NFD should be & obviously still are – very much at the top of their game & still very much in our hearts & minds.

Delivering an extra bang for your buck too, as well as the incendiary 3 new songs that total a runtime of over an epic 21 minutes there are not 1, not 2 but 5 remix versions included from the likes of Mark Gemini Thwaite & Ben Christo which give this EP a runtime of over 50 minutes.

Do your ears the best favour you’ve done them in a while & buy this stunning record here:

▶︎ TRINITY E​.​P. | NFD (

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