Top Of The Goths: Winter 2023

The First “Top of the Goffs” Playlist of 2023 see’s some of some of our favourite releases over the last wee while.

As always this list is not a “Chart” & the playlist is in no particular order. Just a collection of some really good shit for your aural pleasure.

This playlist is solely to promote the artists, the music and spread the word of Goth.
With that in mind please enjoy the playlist and don’t forget to follow the appropriate links below and support the artists you love by buying the stuff from said links. Make sure you give the YouTube channels of the bands you love a quick subscribe as well, along with this one of course.


1. Devoted Sinners ” The Mediocre Goth Club”

2. The Bellwether Syndicate. ” We All Rise”

3.Orcus Nullify. ” One Day”

4.Sequential Zero “It’s Not About You (Fifth Sequence)

5.Byronic Sex & Exile. “Vathek”

6.The Bolshoi Brothers. “Just A Girl”

7. Skeletal Family. Beautiful Disaster”.

8. Last July. “Hope”

9.Gothzilla “Faithrape”

10.Ariel Maniki & The Black Halos. “Supernova”

11.Morbid Poetry. “Belong Here”

12. A Transition. “Left Behind”

13. Madeline Goldstein. “Seed Of Doubt”

14. Killing Joke. “Full Spectrum Dominance”

15. Damien Hearse. “Trauma Harness”

16. Ritual Howls. “Dark Ceiling In Tennessee”

17. Dead Cool. “Stranger Kind”

18. Deadlight Dance. “Missives From The Sisters”.

19. She Pleasures Herself. “Like a Bad Girl Should”

20. The Guests. “Fever”

21. Heartbreak Noir. “New Dawn Fades”

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