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Sea Lungs “Parlour Tricks”

Melbourne based musical mariners, Sea Lungs have done it again with their latest release – “Parlour Tricks” & by “done it again” I mean of course… released another fucking banger!

Technically not due to be released until Wednesday, however due to a digit mishap on the bands Bandcamp page by Sea Lungs captain & steersman Jarrad Robertson, the new single was published a wee bit earlier than originally planned. This happy finger of fate means that the 5th single from the antipodean denizens of the deep is available on Bandcamp, right now & will hit all other services on the 12th as planned.

Musically heavier than the previous singles & reminiscent to these old ears of the frenetic & expressive noise of Batcave originators like Sex Gang Children or even US Deathrock darlings Christian Death. “Parlour Tricks” sees the three piece of Jarrad Robertson, Andi Lennon & Michael Johnson not only stand on the backs of such giants of the genre but shoulder to shoulder heads held high above the dark waves like a Gothic Ghidorah.

Lyrically, it’s a scathing look at those nefarious practitioners of the Occult & mysticism who offer their deceitful services to the brainless & the bereaved for entertainment & money.  With an intelligent smorgasbord of poetic prose, creativity & license, lyricist & vocalist Andy Lennon intones with true wordsmith style “Keep tight with Blavatsky, keep the ennui firm at bay. The cup spins on mahogany to keep them entertained” Noice!  

The line referencing Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, the 19th century Russian mystic & let’s face it, fraud. An ideal & fitting subject for this musical observation on our fascination with the occult & the “Is anyone there” life after death questions that burn in our collective psyche that often sees the vulnerable & the gullible fall prey to these sinister charlatans.

Mixed & mastered to perfection whilst maintaining the unfettered rawness of the Sea Lungs sound by fellow Mantravision Productions artist & front man of Sounds Like Winter; Ant Bannister, “Parlour Tricks” is a triple threat in music, word & sound.

Play It. Love It. Buy it here: Parlour Tricks | Sea Lungs (bandcamp.com)

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